As candidate for Gilroy City Council, I am committed to supporting and promoting:

Public Safety

  • I will strive to maintain police and fire services at or above their current levels.
  • I will encourage funding of seismic repairs to existing fire stations.

Economic Development

  • Gilroy needs a more diversified tax base. Retail alone is not a reliable source. We need better paying industries to provide middle class jobs into the future.
  • I will continue to support the Economic Development Corporation, the Gilroy Welcome Center, and the Gilroy Downtown Business Association.
  • I will encourage efforts to attract new businesses with high-paying jobs by attempting to streamline the permitting process.
  • I support a review of City policy regarding the sale and cultivation of legal cannabis. 58% of voters in Gilroy approved the legalization of cannabis in California and there could be substantial economic benefit to the City should we allow retail outlets and cultivation here. The council should look closely at the pros and cons of changing their current policy.
  • I do not support the use of taxpayer money for business subsidies or incentives.

Urban Growth Boundary: (Prop. H)

  • I am proud to support and defend the Measure H Urban Growth Boundary and am committed to supporting growth within the boundary from the inner core of the city outward.

Fiscal Responsibility

  • I will maintain the current balanced budget approach to the city’s finances.
  • I will maintain adequate reserves for emergency needs or economic downturns.
  • I will work to try to find creative solutions to the looming crisis of pension funding.
  • I do not support the use of tax payer money to provide business subsidies or incentives

Downtown Revitalization

  • I will continue to support efforts to encourage owners of unreinforced masonry (URM) buildings to make seismic repairs, including the selective use of "Receiverships" or "Eminent Domain" to encourage compliance.
  • I will encourage new businesses to consider locating downtown.
  • I will encourage downtown businesses be involved in the Gilroy Downtown Business Association and to improve their street presence.
  • I will work to try to find solutions to the downtown parking issues.
  • I will work to find funding for a community park
  • I will work to minimize (as much as possible) the disruptions to downtown businesses from construction of High Speed Rail.
  • I will support development of Architectural Guidelines for the Downtown and Gateway Districts and the First St. Corridor.

Community Growth

  • I am committed to moderate residential growth. We need to be sure that housing does not exceed the ability of community services such as schools, infrastructure, and public safety to keep pace.
  • I will encourage infill development where feasible to reduce urban sprawl, and higher density development in urban areas such as downtown and along transit corridors. Higher density in residential construction will be needed to help solve our current housing crisis.
  • I will encourage affordable housing in keeping with current policies and our Housing Element.
  • I will work to direct more funding for street repairs and maintenance.
  • I will work to fund seismic repairs to two firehouses and the Gilroy Center for the Arts.
  • I will encourage funding for completion of the sports park for use by community members and development of a BMX facility.
  • I will work to find funding for the 10th Street Bridge.
  • I will work to find funding for the Glen Loma Fire Station.

District Elections

  • I will work to transition from “at large” to district elections. District elections would allow better representation for each community. Almost all of the current council members live in the same general geographic area of the city; do they understand the issues in your neighborhood? District elections would make it less expensive to run for office with a more targeted and smaller constituency for campaigning. This would make it easier for more citizen involvement. District representation would allow your representative to be more aware of issues and community concerns and would be more directly answerable because they will be your neighbors.